Frankfurt lands big win, Wolfsburg close to championship

by Olaf Goldbecker

Three makeup games were played in the Bundesliga, two of major importance. On top, Wolfsburg gained a close 1-0 win on a goal by Conny Pohlers at FCR Duisburg. Less important was Sindelfingen’s 2-1 win over Gütersloh. The 16th straight loss seals Gütersloh’s relegation but also Sindelfingen will barely have a chance to stay in the league.

The key battle took place between rivals Frankfurt and Potsdam in a game for rank two.  Melanie Behringer scored the lone goal of the match to give Frankfurt a 1-0 win and take the lead in the race for the Champions League spot.

The top trio is led by Wolfsburg ahead of Frankfurt and Potsdam. Frankfurt can get to a maximum of 50 points, Potsdam to a maximum of 49 points – and Wolfsburg sits on top with 47 points right now. In other words they need four points in four games to seal the championship. On Sunday the Wolves host Frankfurt, while Potsdam is visited by Leverkusen.