What We’re All About

Since we started Our Game Magazine, the mission has changed a bit. At first we wanted to provide the best coverage for women’s soccer in the world, and though that is still an aim of ours, it’s not the sole reason we exist. Throughout our endeavours, we’ve realized there is a strong disconnect between the grassroots and the highest levels of women’s soccer. It is now our goal to shorten that gap and unite the world with the beautiful game.

How We Began

Our Game Magazine started when founder Khaled El-Ahmad approached professional soccer player Tiffany Weimer, who has a degree in journalism from Penn State University, with the idea of starting a global women’s soccer magazine.Weimer took on the role of editor-in-chief, and soon after, writers were recruited for its first issue: Leslie Osborne, Alyssa Naeher, Carmelina Moscato, Mike LeGates, Olaf Goldbecker, Ryan Wood, and Kat Galsim.The issue, designed by Robert Weimer, debuted in June 2010. And as the magazine’s popularity quickly rose, more from the women’s soccer community joined in to contribute and since June 2010 we have had over 30 different contributors. Our Game Magazine’s readership continues to grow as Weimer and the staff aim to cover every aspect of women’s soccer.

Mission Statement

  • We are: a network of the best and most knowledgeable writers in women’s soccer.
  • We are: a magazine first and a website/social media entity second.
  • We are: going to bring together the culture of women’s soccer and deliver it to your doorstep.

Our Game is a global women’s soccer publication. Our goal is to be recognized worldwide as the incisive voice on women’s soccer, using a print and online magazine as the primary mediums to reach our audience. With that recognition comes a great responsibility to not only inform but also connect and inspire women’s soccer fans around the world.

Our Game Magazine is a quarterly magazine focused on American and International women’s soccer and is the sole English-language print publication to cover the worldwide women’s game. It features content with an awareness of the pulse of the community and the future of the game. Each issue delivers articles with an eye towards individuals, teams, tournaments and anything that has or will shape the growth of women’s soccer. Recognizing that our community is more than just fans, but athletes and professionals as well, topics also include health, nutrition, and training.

Our team values the integrity and impact of our content on those who are involved with or follow the women’s side of the game. Led by women who have played, coached, and invested in girls’ and women’s soccer, “Our Game” is uniquely positioned to connect the grassroots to the professional level through print and online media.