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2016 Frauen-Bundesliga: “Spieltag” 9

Yet another decimated Allianz Frauen-Bundesliga gameday as two games have been rescheduled to December 14th. Gameday 9 was full of tight results, with Mandy Islacker and Vivianne Miedema making the difference for their teams once again.

FFC Frankfurt 1–0 MSV Duisburg

Duisburg mostly stood in their own half and made it hard for Frankfurt to build up their game. It was good defensive work by Inka Grings’ team who had “nothing to lose but their pride.” Therefore, it took Frankfurt 23 minutes to collect their first real chance of the game, but Lena Nuding managed to save Lise Munk’s great header. It was an outstanding game by the Duisburg keeper in general, who has proven once again that she has the potential to be a regular starter even when Maike Kämper returns from her ACL injury. It’s always good to have a reliable backup and both are fantastic keepers with a lot of talent. FFC captain and Olympic gold medalist Saskia Bartusiak marked the — what seemed to be — lead in the 18th minute, but she was offside when taking the header in what was the correct decision by officials. But while the defensive work by the “Zebras” was good and effective, they failed to generate any good attacks or make much of a threat. Frankfurt were dominating the game with chances and possession, but Dutch international Jackie Groenen and German forward Mandy Islacker couldn’t make use of them.

The game was seemingly to end in a goalless draw, which would’ve been a huge result for Duisburg and setback for Frankfurt, but carelessness in Duisburg’s defense decided the game. Yuki Ogimi lengthened a pass to Islacker, who took a shot from 17 yards away and marked the long overdue lead in front of 1,110 spectators in the “Stadion am Brentanobad.” It was the result of some quick play which seemed to tax Duisburg. The German international made the difference for her team and collected her seventh goal of the season, and an important one!

Watch full game here.


SC Sand 1–0 TSG Hoffenheim

It was a tight result in the Baden derby with SC Sand celebrating the victory. Isabelle Meyer scored the deciding goal in the 37th minute. Nina Burger’s cross was missed by Dominika Škorvánková and Laura Feiersinger but eventually reached Meyer, who smashed it into the net. The goal gave Sand more safety and led to more controlled play during the second half. Hoffenheim tried to bridge Sand’s midfield with high balls, but Colin Bell’s team was very compact and didn’t allow it. Sand have positioned themselves in seventh place now with 14 points while Hoffenheim are close to joining the relegation battle. Jürgen Ehrmann’s team only has six points after nine games, even though they dominated most of the first half in Willstätt-Sand. Hoffenheim were especially dangerous after standards but none of them resulted in a goal, thanks to Sabrina Lang who had everything under control. The keeper, who has been loyal to SC Sand since 2010, is currently replacing Carine Schlüter while the talented youngster is competing at the U-20 World Cup in Papua New Guinea for Germany.

Watch highlights here.


SC Freiburg 2–1 FF USV Jena

Interim coach Steffen Beck made a lot of changes in the starting lineup after last week’s bitter 0-4 loss against SGS Essen. Belgian international Justien Odeurs was put in goal instead of Kathrin Längert while Ivana Rudelic and Laura Luis replaced Maren Tellenbröker and the suspended Claudia van den Heiligenberg. It was definitely an improved performance. Jena worked hard and created chances, something that’s been lacking lately, but didn’t convert. Odeurs made quite a couple of important saves before half time to keep her team in the game. It took Freiburg a while to get into the fixture and unleash their full power. SC coach Jens Scheuer, who extended his contract today, reacted and brought on Selina Wagner and Vanessa Ziegler for Jobina Lahr and Sandra Starke. Freiburg became stronger and put a lot of pressure on the guests, but Jena defended deep and didn’t make it easy for them. Janina Minge, 17, brought the lead for Freiburg in the 71th minute after Jena failed to clear a corner shot by Carolin Simon. But instead of giving up, Jena fought back. Susann Utes equalized for Jena a few minutes later.

But Jena’s fighting spirit and moral wasn’t rewarded. Forward Selina Wagner scored in the 85th minute off an assist by Klara Bühl, who ran into the penalty area and remained dominant against Jena defenders. Wagner had no problem netting in after the cross.

Watch highlights here.


FC Bayern München 1–0 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Bayern München are back on top. Their tight win over promoted Borussia Mönchengladbach allowed them to pass Turbine Potsdam. But we have to keep in mind that Potsdam had to reschedule their game and will most likely claim first place again once they played the rearranged fixture. What is notable is this is the sixth time Bayern has won a game with a one-goal difference and the third time in a row. And once again it was Dutch international Vivianne Miedema who scored the goal. It didn’t take long for her individual quality to show; it was eight minutes to be exact after she pulled into the penalty area and left Borussia keeper Christina Bellinghoven no chance. René Krienen and Mike Schmalenberg’s team is still waiting for a win through nine gamedays. Gladbach are already six points behind a safe spot in the table. The team has only scored three goals so far while conceding 25. Several tight results in the first round of the Frauen-Bundesliga might motivate them to keep their heads up, but the difference in quality is too obvious. You can’t accuse Borussia Frauen of not trying because they do and consistently defend with passion.

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