Bundesliga: Winter Keeps Games to a Minimum

by Olaf Goldbecker

Same procedure as last week, only two games could be played in Bundesliga. Already on Saturday Frankfurt won their road match at Leverkusen, 3-0. Former NT player Kerstin Garefrekes was player of the match with two goals (18/79), while Australia’s Tameka Butt scored the second (65) after coming on seven minutes earlier. While Frankfurt reports about a deserved win, Bayer Coach Thomas Obliers mourned that the better team lost against the individual class of the opponent. Frankfurt’s new acquisition Lise Munk had to be taken off injured.

On Sunday Gütersloh lost to Freiburg, 1-4. Marina Makanza opened the scoring for the visitors after nine minutes and controlled the match since. Short after the break three corner kicks cared for the following goals. First, Gütersloh tied by Rebecca Granz, then Caroline Abbé and Sonja Giraud got Freiburg back on track. Hasret Kayikci cared for the final goal just one minute after she entered the field.

In the standings Frankfurt is tied with Potsdam in points and is one behind Wolfsburg but both rivals have one more game to play. Freiburg climbed to four, three points ahead of Munich who have two games less. Leverkusen dropped back to 10 due to goals behind Duisburg. Gütersloh remains on the first relegation spot, four points plus goals behind safety.