FCR Duisburg fires Coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

In a surprise statement, FCR Duisburg announced that Head Coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is released from her tasks for the club. Assistant Coach Marco Ketelaer will take over.

In their statement, the club reasoned this step with taking pressure off the team for the upcoming tasks, in particular reaching the Champions League semifinal. Recently, the club did not show convincing performances.

After a 1-0 road win at Frankfurt, Duisburg got back into the title race only to lose their championship hopes one week later by losing to Potsdam. Three days later, the hopes for advancing in the lucrative national cup vanished when the club lost, 3-0, to Bayern Munich. This move now still is a big surprise since the club did not react immediately, but waited for two more games, which both were won.

Voss-Tecklenburg was on the job since 2008. During this time, the club won the UEFA Cup and two national cup titles.