Argentina's Ruth Bravo. (Stefanía León)

Argentina’s Tough Road Back to the Women’s World Cup

Ruth Bravo, midfield for Argentina's National Team, talks about the tough road the country has traveled to get back to the Women's World Cup, and what the point against Japan means for the future of support for the squad.
Argentina's Natalie Juncos. (Getty Images)

France 2019 1v1s: Natalie Juncos

Natalie Juncos, defender for the Argentina National Team, discusses shifting cultural attitude toward women's soccer in Argentina, her teammates, and the squad's preparation heading into the group stage in France 2019.
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Brazil and Argentina on Brink of Elimination?

No, it's not an exaggeration. There is a possibility (albeit slight possibility) that Argentina and Brazil may not qualify for the second stage of the CONMEBOL qualifiers, thus eliminating them from World Cup contention.
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Chile, Argentina Win at CONMEBOL Qualifiers; Equatorial Guinea Eliminates Algeria in AWC

Four teams opened up the first day of the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers in Ecuador. In Group A, Argentina beat Bolivia, 3-0, while Chile beat Ecuador, 2-1. In South Africa, Equatorial Guinea eliminated Algeria with its 1-0 win in Group B of the African Women's Championship. In Cancún, the semifinals of the CONCACAF qualifiers take place with Canada facing Costa Rica in the first match followed by the U.S. versus Mexico.