Players I Hope to See in the NWSL

by Tiffany Weimer

There are several players I’d personally like to see in the 2013 version of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Some players have retired, some have just been hibernating and some might be on a milk carton somewhere.  But no matter what, at one point, they were ballers.

So without further ado (pun well intended for first entry), here is my wish list:

1. Carrie Dew – The dirtiest (and I mean that in the badass sense, not the physically incapable of controlling their movements sense) defender to roam the professional streets of any women’s league.

2. Val Henderson – I know, right? Where has she been? Val, if you’re out there, we want you back between the posts, screaming your head off at defenders, where you belong.

3. Tina DiMartino – One of the most technical players I have ever seen… Tina D. might be in the real world by now, but maybe dribbling through four or five players might appeal to her once again?

4. Meghan Schnur– I know she has been battling some tough knee problems over the past couple of years, but let’s face it, this left-footed wonder was taken from us too soon. I’d love to see her back in action.

5.  Marian Dalmy –Who I believe is married with a different last name now… but what a player. I think she probably should have gotten more opportunities with the USWNT and done some damage. What’s her status?

6. Lydia Vandenbergh – My former teammate at Fortuna Hjørring, would love to see her back in this league. She’s one of the best left backs I’ve ever seen. EVER.

7. Tiffany We  Katie Thorlakson – One of the swaggiest Canadians of all time, I think KT should consider getting back into it.  She won’t have to cover her tattoo in NWSL either.

8. Natasha Kai – Doubt this needs much explanation. Everyone wants to see Tash back. #BOOMBAM #MADAFAKA

9. Formiga – You know you forgot about this gem for a while… but let’s face it, how many games did she completely own in the midfield during WPS days? What a boss.

10.  Jordan Angeli – A player that deserves another chance at the dream. She was hitting her peak when an unfortunate injury set her back pretty far. But if anyone could come back from it, it’s Jordan. That’s my last but not least. Take it to the bank.

Who would you like to see in the NWSL this year?