Bundesliga, Match Day 9: Wolfsburg wins top game against Frankfurt

by Olaf Goldbecker

There’s a new league leader in Germany, but it’s none of the teams which were involved in the top game as champion Turbine Potsdam took the opportunity to climb to the top of the table. During the week, Bayern Munich defeated FSV Gütersloh 8-0 in a makeup game in front of an embarrassing crowd of 100 at an even more embarrassing time of 2pm on a weekday.

Sunday’s Games:

Bayer Leverkusen v Turbine Potsdam 2-4 (2-2)
November 11, 11.11 h – beginning of the carnival season in the Rhine area, which in combination with the inflexible handling of kickoff times (mandatory Sunday 11 am or 2 pm) led to a crowd of only 257 people in a game against a top team. The home team did not deserve it as they delivered a great battle against a Potsdam team which is plagued by injuries. Former Turbine player Isabel Kerschowski marked the lead for her team after a quarter hour. Potsdam stayed calm and turned the game around with a double strike from Antonia Göransson and Stefanie Mirlach. Yet the hosts were not shocked and had an answer when Bella Linden tied before halftime. In period two Leverkusen had a big chance to take the lead but an odd situation decided the game: free kick for Potsdam, Yuki Ogimi hits the bottom of the crossbar, the ball bounces down and out of the net, Leverkusen clears for a corner kick. Suddenly there are discussions and the referee decides on a goal after a sign from the assistant. Nobody in the stadium could clearly see the line but since no Potsdam player really celebrated before the referee decided on goal it remains a debated decision. A clear decision was the penalty kick that led to the last goal by Ogimi.

FF USV Jena v VfL Sindelfingen 1-0 (1-0)
Ria Percival scored the lonely goal of the day already after 13 minutes. Jena defeated both newly promoted teams in a row and have put themselves in a good position in the relegation fight.

VfL Wolfsburg v 1.FFC Frankfurt 4-2 (3-2)
The visitors started great as Wolfburg’s Luisa Wensing hit the back of her own net after three minutes for Frankfurt’s lead – it was Wolfsburg’s first conceded goal of the season. Wolfsburg answered quickly. They played with long balls and made use of their speed advantages against Frankfurt’s defense. That way Martina Müller tied after ten minutes and Zsanett Jakabfi marked the lead after half an hour. This time Frankfurt answered quickly by Sandrine Bretigny when Wolfsburg’s offside trap failed. A few minutes before the break Nadine Keßler scored the halftime lead for the Wolves. In the final minute of the match Alexandra Popp sealed the deal with the last goal.

SGS Essen v FSV Gütersloh 2-1 (1-1)
The first half delivered an open game between the two teams. Shortly before the break, Ina Mester scored the lead for her team, but just one minute later this was gone when Maren Wallenhorst was fouled near the boxline – the referee decided on penalty and Anne van Bonn converted this chance. After the break the game developed into a one way match but Gütersloh cleared the biggest chances. When everybody already expected a draw it was Carole da Silva Costa who decided the match with four minutes left on the clock. A special note in this game were the referees, who cared for a mixture of outrage, amusement and sarcasm among the fans with many wild decisions – at least those were against both teams and not one sided. Correct though were the two yellow for Gütersloh forward Marie Pollmann

FC Bayern München v SC Freiburg 0:2 (0:0)
Bayern Munich doesn’t seem to deliver constant performances this season. While after the makeup game during the week the signs were set for rank 4 where this team should easily be, they suffered another upset just days later. Carmen Höfflin cared for the lead of her team in minute 71, and ten minutes later Melanie Leupolz sealed the deal.

SC Bad Neuenahr v FCR Duisburg 1:1 (0:1)
Mandy Islacker scored the lead for the visitors shortly before halftime. The hosts only had an answer by Celia da Okoyino da Mbabi a quarter hour before the end of the match with a handball penalty kick. FCR player Marina Himmighofen was sent off with the second yellow for this handball.

Situation: Turbine Potsdam is now on top with 21 points (8 games), followed by Wolfsburg with 19 (7) and Frankfurt. Behind starts the midfield area which is extremely close. Freiburg (8) and Bad Neuenahr are at 13 points, followed by Munich (8) and Essen with 12 points, and Jen at 11 points. FCR Duisburg is at 8, Gütersloh (8) at 7. Bayer Leverkusen and VfL Sindelfingen are down with 4 points.

The league will have off next weekend due to the national cup competition. During the week there will be some makeup games. Wolfsburg hosts Gütersloh and Turbine Potsdam faces SC Freiburg, which will nearly even out the standings.