Bundesliga, Match Day 4: Frankfurt wins top game v 9 Potsdam players last minute

by Olaf Goldbecker

A remarkable end to a top game and many surprises were delivered on this matchday. See yourself:

1.FFC Turbine Potsdam v 1.FFC Frankfurt 1:2 (0:0)
More than 4,000 wanted to see the top game between the archrivals. Kerstin Garefrekes put her team up front after an hour, but ten minutes later Yuki Ogimi had the answer for Potsdam. Everything seemed ready for the draw but Potsdam had two players out in stoppage time – Stefanie Mirlach and Alex Singer could not participate anymore and the team used their three substitutions. Former Potsdam player Lira Bajramaj who did not part peacefully from her club made use of the situation and delivered the game winner in minute 93.
The end of the game went as follows:

Minute 87: Stefanie Mirlach and Alex Singer collide with their heads, have to be treated on the field for minutes and carried off the field (which is why Potsdam had to play to an end with 9 – five minutes stoppage time because of that)

Minute 92: Lira Bajramaj scores the game winner, whole attendance boos at Frankfurt, they don’t cheer at their goal to not heat the atmosphere any further

Minute 94: Tabea Kemme tackles Bajramaj away who has to be carried off the field, probably knee injury

Bayer Leverkusen v SC Bad Neuenahr 1:1 (0:1)
Seven yellows prove how the teams battled for the points. Nicole Rolser scored the lead for the visitors after half an hour and Eunice Beckmann answered twenty minutes into the second half. Three games, no wins – Leverkusen has to pay attention to not suffer the same downslide as last season.

SG Essen-Schönebeck v Bayern München 2:0 (1:0)
Bayern Munich has had problems to start into the season. Already last week they won 4-0 but all goals happened off set pieces, which annoyed the coach. In Essen it did not get better, quite in contrast: Sabrina Dörpinghaus scored both goals of today’s game to give her team the win. Essen stays unpredictable in this league.

FF USV Jena v VfL Wolfsburg 0:3 (0:1)
An expected win for Wolfsburg, the only team that still has a clean sheet, which drowns a bit due to the uneven standings. Conny Pohlers scored an early goal in the first half and added the final goal. Zsanett Jakabfi marked the second right after the sides were changed.

VfL Sindelfingen v SC Freiburg 3:2 (0:1)
A huge surprise happened in Sindelfingen today. Freiburg started well into the season and there was no trace that they could only be endangered to lose points against the horribly started hosts. It took some time today but Freiburg was on their safe way to three points after Juliane Meier scored on a penalty kick shortly before halftime and Fiona O’Sullivan scored her third league goal after an hour. What followed were a crazy five minutes. In minute 80 Julia Schneider scored the first goal for Sindelfingen, one minute later Rahel Spengler tied, another four minutes later Alexandra Szarvas turned the match completely. This shows that Sindelfingen can’t be written off just yet and that Freiburg isn’t as stable as it seemed to be.

FSV Gütersloh v FCR Duisburg 3:2 (2:1)
Prior to the game, Duisburg’s coach Marco Ketelaer said that his team is the favorite and added that last year in the cup competition they won 7-0. He knew that his team lost some players in the meantime but he might have underestimated how much quality his team has left – and that Gütersloh got stronger. Nina Claassen after 16 and former Duisburg veteran Anne van Bonn after 25 minutes cared for a comfortable lead for the hosts. Right before halftime, Jackie Groenen’s goal for Duisburg raised the hopes for a turnaround but this did not happen. Midway thru the second half Maren Wallenhorst increased to a two goal lead again. Gülhiye Cengiz got her team closer with eight minutes left on the clock but this was not enough.

Situation: Frankfurt leads the standings with 9 points in 4 games, Potsdam with 7 pts in 3 follows. Yet the third placed team is the real leader with Wolfsburg as they are at 6 pts in 2 games. Gütersloh (6 in 3) and Essen (6 in 4) follow. The mid-table positions are occupied by Bad Neuenahr (5 in 3) and Freiburg (4 in 3). Bayern Munich will not be happy about the start (3 in 2), neither is Duisburg (3 in 3). Sindelfingen (3 in 4) celebrated the first points and down in the standings are Leverkusen (2 in 3) as well as Jena (1 in 4).