Bundesliga, Match Day 1: Potsdam wins with ease, Frankfurt with trouble

by Olaf Goldbecker

Only two of six games took place on matchday 1, reason is the U20 World Cup in Japan. Four of the games were delayed to later points of time. Two of the powerhouses started into the season though. Both could have delayed their games due to U20 national team players but they felt strong enough without them – also Frankfurt’s opponent Jena has one player at the tournament but naturally they rather saw Frankfurt’s missing players as opportunity.

FFC Frankfurt v FF USV Jena 2:1 (0:1)
Nearly the first big surprise of the season happened in Frankfurt. Susanne Utes scored the lead for the visitors midway thru the first half, and a few minutes before halftime Frankfurt’s NT player Saskia Bartusiak was ejected for fouling as last player. One player short, Frankfurt turned it around in period two. An own goal off Carolin Schiewe tied the game with 20 minutes left on the clock, and new acquisition Simone Lauder rescued the three points in minute 87. Viewers of the match reported about a barely convincing performance of the powerhouse.

VfL Sindelfingen v Turbine Potsdam 1:9 (0:2)
It always is a difficult question for a newly promoted team whether it’s good to play a top team right at the season start, or if it’s better to start gently against easier opponents. For one half Sindelfingen did a solid job today and only allowed two goals, one each of Keelin Winters and Patricia Hanebeck. When Scottish player Lisa Evans increased after the break, Natalie Mann had an answer and got her team on the scoreboard but this just raised Potsdam’s motivation. Stefanie Mirlach and Yuki Ogimi, who until last season were still known as Yuki Nagasato, quickly increased the score. The result got extremely bitter when Potsdam added four goals within five minutes – Genoveva Anomna scored twice, Ogimi added her second, and Natasa Andonova marked one as well.