Bundesliga Preview, Part 1 of 6

by Olaf Goldbecker

Women’s Bundesliga is starting the 2012/13 campaign on the September 1st weekend. At least parts of it will be played since the league administration had to re-schedule some games even before the start due to the U-20 World Cup, which obviously was not taken into consideration when creating the schedule. The season starts with the interesting situation that four times straight champion Turbine Potsdam is the chased and simultaneously the chasing team since they will not enter the season as favorites to defend their title. Until the season starts, we will take a short look at the 12 teams that start this year.

FSV Gütersloh
For the first time ever Gütersloh appears on the big stage. So far they were known as talent producers who never managed to make the step to the highest league, but last year it worked out. Yet all newly promoted teams from the northern division in 2. Bundesliga had a short stay in the top leagues in the previous years, and Gütersloh will certainly have a hard life as well. Five Bundesliga experienced players were signed and the defense seems solid, but the core issue will be that the two top talents – the key factors why they got up to Bundesliga – signed with Wolfsburg. The offense now seems worse than in the previous years in a lower league and also proved to be the problem in the exhibition games prior to the season.

Additions: Tessa Rinkes, Mirte Roelvink (FF USV Jena), Marie Pollmeier (BV Cloppenburg), Jacqueline Dünker (Herforder SV), Anne van Bonn (Lokomotive Leipzig), Maren Wallenhorst (Werder Bremen), Rebecca Granz (FV Löchgau)

Losses: Annabel Jäger, Lina Magull (VfL Wolfsburg)

Prediction: a lot depends on the season start, Sindelfingen is the first opponent at home and this game could already mean a lot. The team might keep an open race but it is questionable that the thin offensive line, which already starts with the offensive midfield, can be competitive. For sure Gütersloh cannot expect to be in the top league next season as well.

VfL Sindelfingen
Coming up from 2. Bundesliga South is VfL Sindelfingen, a club which has been in the upper house for long in the 90s and for one season in this decade before. A good season was played, some additions were made but there was trouble behind the scenes even after getting promoted – certainly no good timing to get a competitive roster together. The new players are okay but don’t bring the experience which is needed for the relegation fight. Traditionally, the newly promoted team from the southern league has better chances to stay in than the northern team, yet it will be a rough season. On the plus side, Sindelfingen could keep their team together and does not have to suffer key losses.

Additions: Jasmin Eder (BV Cloppenburg), Michelle Wörner (FV Löchgau), Pascale Küffner (FC Schlieren/Switzerland), Sandra Betschart (FC Yverdon/Switzerland), Anna-Lena Vollmer (ASV Hagsfeld)

Losses: Eva-Maria Virsinger (SC Freiburg), Jil Gehder, Tabea Knöll (TSV Crailsheim)

Prediction: the same as for Gütersloh could be told here. The first road game in Gütersloh will set the tone, but it would be a surprise if Sindelfingen is able to stay far from the relegation line. Compared to Gütersloh the team looks less experienced but has the advantage of playing together for longer. Still betting a lot of money on remaining in the top league would be negligent.