Maria Karlsson: Super start for Doncaster

I think everyone who has ever been involved with sports can agree with me that winning is great. The feeling you get when you have three points after a football game is awesome, and it’s even better when it’s after the first game, of a new league, in a historic game for women’s football in England. We came out with three points against Lincoln last week and the goal came, well-deserved, from our experienced midfielder Vicky Exley. It was a great game and a really good team effort. It was all about that game. This week we have two new games. First, we play Everton away on Wednesday, and then Chelsea in our first home game, Easter Sunday. I hope that we can be consistent and have the same buzz as we had last week, and that all our Doncaster fans will be backing us up in the stands.

It means a lot to us to hear your voices (and the bell!) during the whole game and that gives us the extra energy needed to be the best. Thank you!

I continue my sightseeing around England. Last week, Kylla and I took the train to Leeds. It was an OK city, not so much to see, but we did our best and were very cultural. On Saturday, my other hotel buddy and I took the blue, fast Micra to Borehamwood (London) to watch the Women’s Champions League. We watched as Lyon knocked out Arsenal to advance them to the final. It was nice to see the game and even better to meet one of my best friends, Lotta Schelin, who plays for Lyon; she makes me and Gothenburg proud.

Just so you now all my English (and Irish/Canadian/American) friends, you’re always one day behind us Swedes in celebrating. At home we celebrate almost everything one day before you. So on Saturday, Happy Easter everybody, and hope you have a nice Easter Sunday, too … the Belles will! Hope to see you at Keepmoat Stadium 2 p.m.

Weeks c’mon: to Charlotte Bennett who did her ACL some weeks ago. You’ll be back, stronger than ever. We’ll support you!

Dinner of the week: Eating Swedish meatballs in family James garden. Lovely!

Maria Karlsson is a defender for Doncaster Rovers Belles and the first Swedish international in the FA Women’s Super League.