When in Rome

Shopping=my weakness. OK, I have many weaknesses, like chocolate, candy, new clothes, and possibly even watches. Unfortunately for my bank account, on our day off in Rome, I indulged in some of these weaknesses. “When in Rome, right?” After many hard days of testing, training, and workouts, we were rewarded with a day off.  Some girls on the team stayed back to do some rehab/treatments for injuries and knocks, and some of us went into the city to explore a little, and of course shop. We are girls, what do you expect right?

The gang I was with for most of the day was Carmelina, Emily, Kaylyn, and Marie-Eve. We began our day with a little walk around the Colosseum, and of course some pictures with the other girls we ran into. We then continued into the shopping district where we proceeded to spend our money/money that we don’t have. With some new jeans, shorts, shirt and purse, we were on our way to watch a Serie A game featuring home team Lazio vs Bari. It is always exciting being able to watch these games live, and with some spectacular
goalkeeping from Bari’s keeper, the game ended 1-0 in favor of home team, Lazio.

We left the game starving and ready to find a nice restaurant for some dinner. We found a cute little pizzeria near the Trevi Fountain, where we dove into some delicious Italian Pizza, followed by some gelato. After a beautiful day in the city, the rain began to pour, and it was a race to find a taxi to get back to the hotel. We finally caught one, having us spread across the road attempting to beat the locals to it! We were successful, and with our hands full of shopping bags, we made it back safe and not too soaked.

After another double day of training, we were finally en route to Cyprus, where we begin our hard preparations for the upcoming Cyprus Cup today. Without knowing if we will actually be playing in our first game, we are putting in a lot of hard workouts, training hard, and preparing ourselves for whatever comes. Hopefully I don’t reflect too many people here due to my extremely pale complexion at the moment. I am clearly hoping for a little sun … at least on my face.