Lisa-Marie Woods: A whole new focus

As I write this, I am sitting on the ferry on my way from Denmark to Norway. We have just beaten Brondby, 2-1, in a well-played game that was broadcast on national television. As you might know by now, Brondby won the league this year, and we came in second. I feel that is a fair result after all. We won two games against them and they won two games against us. We had the chances to come out as number one, but we failed when it counted most. Silver is not bad, even though it only is best of the losers. My journey with the team has been up and down. While I have been on the team, we have played some fantastic games, but unfortunally we have also played some
terrible games. That’s also what separates a number one team from a number two team.

I think we have proved to everyone (also on national television) that we can play better than Brondby when we are at our best, but in the end it doesn’t help if we are not consistent in playing that way. Brondby were more consistent than us, and had the ability to rise to the occasion when they needed to. So congrats to them on the title. We will keep on working, and I have faith that we will start next season with a better team and will fight for the number one spot. We have grown a lot as a team only in the last couple of months and that growth will continue. We also have Champions League to look forward to as Denmark gets two teams in this time. We are very happy about that of course and give us yet another reason to work hard every day.

With that said, the girls will keep training for a couple of more weeks before they get a summer break. The girls deserve it, and I am already looking forward to seeing them again after summer, ready to work hard. As for me, I have a whole new focus now. I never allow myself to get ahead of what is going on right here and now, so for the last couple of weeks (even though I made the WWC team) I have had my full focus at the team and our games. Sitting on the ferry now has made me refocus, and all my focus is now on the upcoming WWC. The team meets up tomorrow in Oslo and will be together more or less until the World Cup ends. It is great to think about the new team I will be joining. This is where our clubs rest well back in our minds, and our focus is on “Team Norway.” It doesn’t matter if you play for Stabæk FK , Røa IL, Kolbotn IL, or Fortuna Hjørring, as tomorrow we will be one team fighting for each others. I cannot wait


Lisa-Marie Woods is a member of the Norwegian Women’s National Team. She also plays for Danish champions, Fortuna Hjørring.