Bundesliga: Wolfsburg Requires Luck as All Top Teams Win

by Olaf Goldbecker

Finally a full matchday could be played in Germany. It looks like the league found the two relegating teams, while everything remains the same on top.

Wolfsburg required tons of luck to keep themselves in their top position. Their opponent Freiburg scored the lead after half an hour and the Wolves had major problems. “With the penalty kick and the goal we completely lost our line, we did not play a good first half”, stated Coach Ralf Kellermann. After the break the top team got stronger and tied by Martina Müller. Freiburg seemed to rescue the draw until the finish line but Conny Pohlers cared for the three points in the fourth minute of stoppage time, which annoyed SCF Coach Milorad Pilipovic: “Five minutes stoppage time were without reason. The opponent played with 14 people today”.

The chasing teams from Potsdam and Frankfurt did not have problems in their games. Potsdam won 3-0 at Bad Neuenahr. Goals were scored by Yuki Ogimi, Anotnia Göransson in the first 25 minutes and Genoveva Anomna at the end of the match. Turbine Coach Schröder was satisfied: “That was the highest result in Bad Neuenahr within the last years. SC 07 could have played five more hours without scoring.”  Also 1.FFC Frankfurt had little issues in a 5-2 win at FSV Gütersloh. The home fans celebrated when Maren Wallenhorst tied the early lead of the visitors, scored by the first of three Garefrekes-goals, but just one minute later Tameka Butt got the lead again. The halftime score was 4-1, Garefrekes completed her hat trick after the break before Nina Claassen made the result nicer.

For Gütersloh another result was a bigger upset. Last place Sindelfingen lost to FCR Duisburg, 0-3. For Sindelfingen it almost was a must win game against direct opposition in the relegation fight, but the attendance of sensational 80 people shows how much the people believe in their team. Jennifer Oster scored after a quarter hour, Mandy Islacker and Jackie Groenen within the last quarter hour. Between rank 10 and the relegation places, occupied by Gütersloh and Sindelfingen, there now is a seven points gap already.

Bayern Munich once again proved that they are not reliable in a positive and negative way – today it was the negative side again when they lost 1-2 at Bayer Leverkusen. Munich even had a half time lead, scored by Ivana Rudelic, yet right after the break Caroline Simon tied the match and Lisa Schwab cared for the knockout after 80 minutes. In the final game of this matchday, SGS Essen and FF USV Jena tied 2-2. First Essen answered a penalty kick goal to tie for the halftime score, then Jena tied a penalty kick goal for the final score.