Damallsvenskan Round 15

by Rainer Fussgänger

The talk of the weekend in Sweden was not the ongoing struggle between Malmö and Tyresö, but the fact that US Soccer first released the news that Pia will not continue as coach for the USWNT and some hours later (midnight local time) the press release of the Swedish soccer federation that Pia Sundhage has agreed to sign a contract as the new head coach for the Swedish WNT until Dec, 31, 2016.
Pia Sundhage arrived in Stockholm on Monday and almost directly after landing she continued to Råsunda soccer stadium to meet media people. – A dream has come true, she said and referred to the fact that about 40 years ago she was not allowed to play soccer, just because she was a girl and that now many people would ask her for interviews and that she was actually standing on the green grass of the national soccer arena just outside Stockholm.
Pia Sundhage officially starts her engagement as head coach on Dec 1 this year and it is still open who will be her assistants.

Round 15 did not deliver bigger surprises. Anja Mittag scored goal #18 and is five goals ahead of Christen Press.

Jitex BK vs Djurgården 3-0
Attendance: 173
Jitex: Fridolina Rolfö 19′, Elin Karlsson 56′, Fridolina Rolfö 70′

Djurgården knew how important this match was, even Jitex knew it. It was Djurgårdens last chance to come closer to Jitex and Örebro in the overall standings and regarding the fact that Jitex had lost their goalgetter Annica Sjölund due to an ACL-injury a week ago, the Stockholm side surely had some great expectations.
How disappointing it then was that it was all about Jitex. 22:6 shots on goal showed that Jitex clearly was and is a much better team than Djurgården which remains last after this with Göteborg coming to Stockholm next Sunday and another last chance. Jitex has 16 points now, Djurgården 9.

AIK vs Vittsjö GIK 1-1
Attendance: 153
AIK: Maija Saari 36′
Vittsjö: Danesha Adams 5′

One point is not enough for AIK. It should have been three, the team had a very good period in the beginning of the second half, but they have no goal scorer. During the week they actually lost striker Susan Varli to Djurgården. Varli had scored five of AIK’s in total eleven goals. Rumour has it that she was suspended and the club did not want her anymore. Danesha Adams scored for Vittsjö after their third corner and Maija Saari equalized with a header.

Umeå IK vs KIF Örebro 0-1
Attendance: 425
Örebro: Linda Fransson 80′

With six points within a week Örebro has done a lot to avoid relegation this year. They were the sliglty better of two teams in Umeå and while Umeå had to play without their captain Emma Berglund (red card), Örebro went for a win and finally got it after a goal from last years top scorer in div 1, Linda Fransson.

Kristianstads DFF vs LdB FC Malmö 0-3
Attendance: 1026
Malmö: Ramona Bachmann 18′, 65′, Anja Mittag 70′

The Swiss and the German continue to take Malmö to victories. After they scored all five goals in Linköping last week they scored all three goals in Kristianstad in what was supposed to be a difficult away game. However, it turned out to be a demonstration of Malmö’s class.

Kopparberg/Göteborgs FC vs Piteå IF 2-1
Attendance: 312
Göteborg: Christen Press 36′, Linnéa Liljegärd 46′
Piteå: Jennifer Nobis 94′

Göteborg’s coach Torbjörn Nilsson had used all three subs after 75′ and Göteborg was leading 2:0. Five minutes later the trouble began. First goalkeeper Kristin Hammarström had to leave the pitch after a concussion. Midfielder Johanna Almgren has played handball as a girl and she was a goalkeeper in that sport before she decided to be a soccer player. Of course, Johanna had to change into a keeper jersey. Two minutes after that striker Sara Lindén had to leave due to a knee injury which unfortuntely on Wednesday turned out to be another ACL. Göteborg finished the match with only nine players.

Tyresö FF vs Linköpings FC 3-0
Attendance: 2063
Tyresö: Line Röddik Hansen 25′, Marta 31′, Caroline Seger 40′

Tyresö gave another performance of extra class. Loads of chances in the first half, the second half was a bit boring, because Linköping tried to give a better impression while Tyresö only did what was necessary to come out as the winning side – and that was not much. Linköping disappointed another time and when I spoke to Linköping’s coach Martin Sjögren after the game he seemed to be quite frustrated. “We played a disastrous first half. Malmö and Tyresö seem to play in their own division right now.”