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Bundesliga, Matchday 22: Potsdam clinches the fourth straight title

By Olaf Goldbecker – Situation before today’s final matches (all played at 2 p.m. local time): the two Champions League spots go to Potsdam and Wolfsburg, Hamburg withdraws from the league – some important decisions are dropped. Yet the champion and the remaining relegation spots were to be determined. There was a huge probability that both will be seen in the game Potsdam v Leipzig – if Potsdam wins they are champion and Leipzig is relegated. The other games only get a meaning if this is not the case. The script of this matchday:

#2: Frankfurt v Duisburg 1-0. Saki Kumagai scores. Frankfurt seems to be able to strike when there is no pressure.

#18: Frankfurt v Duisburg 1-1. Mandy Islacker ties the match.

#19: Potsdam v Leipzig 1-0. Patricia Hanebeck passes out to the right to Anomna, she sends it directly to the middle where Yuki Nagasato has no problem to score. The championship? Right now it rather looks like a high win than a point for Leipzig

#20: Frankfurt v Duisburg 1-2. Gülhiye Cengiz strikes for Duisburg. Fourth straight loss for Frankfurt?

#27: Jena v Freiburg 1-0. With this score Jena can be relaxed as they cannot relegate anymore regardless of other scores. Julia Arnold is the goal scorer.

#28: München v Hamburg 1-0. Clara Schöne scores the lead for Munich in Hamburg’s last Bundesliga game for a while. The club withdraws them to the third division for financial reasons.

#36: Potsdam v Leipzig 2-0. Extraordinary good vision by Patricia Hanebeck who plays back to Antonia Göransson and strikes. In the minutes before, both teams could have gotten a penalty kick. Potsdam also had bad luck when hitting crossbar and post; the championship is pretty secure at this point.

#39: Potsdam v Leipzig 3-0. Kerschowski’s shot is saved by Härling but Anomna heads in the rebound. She must have scored a minute earlier already. Strike number 21 of the season gives her a two goals lead over Wolfsburg’s Conny Pohlers in the top striker ranking.

#45: München v Hamburg 2-0. Ivana Rudelic adds the second goal with the half time whistle.

HALFTIME: Potsdam is on the way to the championship. Wolfsburg even has problems to fulfill the own task, didn’t have more than one scoring opportunity against Essen. Jena and Leverkusen can breathe a bit more relaxed due to Leipzig’s score.

Essen v Wolfsburg 0-0
Jena v Freiburg 1-0
Bad Neuenahr v Leverkusen 0-0
München v Hamburg 2-0
Potsdam v Leipzig 3-0
Frankfurt – Duisburg 1-2

#55 Potsdam v Leipzig 4:0. Anomna strikes goal number 22 of the season; nice strike into the upper right corner. The score now is equal to hitting the goal posts.

#57 München v Hamburg 2:1. Janina Haye puts Hamburg on the scoreboard.

#58 Frankfurt v Duisburg 2:2. Kerstin Garefrekes ties for Frankfurt.

#58 Jena v Freiburg 2:0. Sabrina Schumtzler increases the score. After a great first half season Freiburg only gets six points in 2012, only Leipzig was worse.

#62 Frankfurt v Duisburg 2:3. Open game for the third spot in Frankfurt. Mandy Islacker marks her second of the day.

#64 Potsdam v Leipzig 5:0. Yuki Nagasato adds another one.

#65 München v Hamburg 3:1. Hamburg’s cup nightmare Sarah Hagen cares for creating the old gap again.

#66 Frankfurt v Duisburg 3:3. The scoring continues as Melanie Behring ties again.

#70 Potsdam v Leipzig 6:0. Anne Heller fails to mark on a sitter for Leipzig and just shortens the post hitter stats to 1-4, while the counter attack leads to another goal by Yuki Nagasato.

#71 Essen v Wolfsburg 0:1. Nadine Kessler scores on a penalty kick. Still no convincing performance of the second-place finishers.

#71 Jena v Freiburg 3:0. Amber Hearn increases the score for Jena.

#74 München v Hamburg 4:1. Lena Lotzen seals the deal for Munich.

#80 Frankfurt v Duisburg 4:3. Dszenifer Marozsan strikes and would send her team to rank 3 if they keep the score.

#82 Frankfurt v Duisburg 5:3. This should be rank 3 for Frankfurt now, Ana Maria Crnogorcevic scores.

#84: Essen v Wolfsburg 1:1. Long free kick by Essen and still Charline Hartmann stands freely in a central position and heads in.

#86: Potsdam v Leipzig 7:0. Margret Lara Vidarsdottir didn’t have the best days in Potsdam, but at least scores in her last game.

#88: Potsdam v Leipzig 8:0. A direct free kick is smashed home by Isabel Kerschowski. A hard but not an unstoppable shot.

Essen v Wolfsburg 1-1
Jena v Freiburg 3-0
Bad Neuenahr v Leverkusen 0-0
München v Hamburg 4-1
Potsdam v Leipzig 8-0
Frankfurt v Duisburg 5-3

Champion: Turbine Potsdam (56 pts)
Champions League: VfL Wolfsburg (53 pts)

3 1.FFC Frankfurt (46)
4. FCR Duisburg (45)
5. SG Essen-Schönebeck (31)
6. FC Bayern München (28)
7. SC Bad Neuenahr (26)
8. SC Freiburg (23)
9. Hamburger SV (22)
10. FF USV Jena (18)
11. Bayer 04 Leverkusen (15)
12. 1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig (13)

Relegating: Lokomotive Leipzig. Bayer Leverkusen would have relegated if Hamburger SV hadn’t withdrawn the team from Bundesliga for the next season. New in the league for 2012/13: FSV Gütersloh and VfL Sindelfingen