Damallsvenskan Round 6: More of the same as Malmö and Tyresö win and Anja Mittag continues scoring tear

By Rainer Fussgänger – Malmö and Tyresö keep on winning their matches. Anja Mittag scored goals No. 8, 9, and 10. Bad news for Swedish WNT coach Thomas Dennerby: centre back Charlotte Rohlin suffered an ACL. Here’s a recap of round 6.

Linköpings FC vs KIF Örebro 1-1
Attendance: 255
Linköping: Petra Larsson (Louise Fors) 65’
KIF Örebro: Sarah Michael (Marie Hammarström) 9’
Only bad news for Linköping after the first game in round 6. Charlotte Rohlin suffered an ACL tear after only four minutes, and even Nilla Fischer had to leave the pitch with pain in her hip. Add to that, 255 spectators is a horrible number for attendance, and that the team lost two more points, and you have all the ingredients to call that a bad night for the home team. Still Linköping has problems in scoring with Manon Melis injured and Lisa DeVanna without goal after six games.

Tyresö FF vs AIK 1-0
Attendance: 1,671
Tyresö: own goal 78’

Marta saw yellow for Tyreso in its 1-0 win over AIK (Photo by Rainer Fussganger)

Three points and a clean sheet. That will be the history of this game in a few weeks. Tyresö dominated the game, but AIK defended themselves bravely. They had one good opportunity to score in the beginning, and after that Tyresö did not use their chances and was even too uninspired to score more than one goal. Marta received a well-deserved yellow for complaining against referee decisions. She could have seen at least another yellow for yelling at the linesman and at people in the audience who supported AIK. It was neither her nor Tyresö’s day, but it ended with a victory.





LdB FC Malmö vs Vittsjö GIK 4-1
Attendance: 931
LdB FC Malmö: own goal 24’, Anja Mittag (Elin Rubensson) 75’, Anja Mittag (Elin Rubensson) 81’, Anja Mittag (Therese Sjögran) 91’
Vittsjö: Danesha Adams (Emma Sjödahl) 66’
Anja Mittag continues to be the goal queen of the Damallsvenskan. Official statistics credit her even the first of Malmö’s four goals, but her cross would not have reached the goal if a Vittsjö leg had not touched it. Malmö was the better team throughout the whole match, but Vittsjö’s equalizer gave them at least 10 minutes of nervousness and trouble before Mittag scored again. Again, Elin Rubensson came up with two assists.

Kristianstads DFF vs Kopparberg/Göteborgs FC 4-1
Attendance: 476
Kristianstad: Susanne Moberg (Kosovare Asllani) 55’, Susanne Moberg (Johanna Rasmussen) 75’, Johanna Rasmussen (Kosovare Asllani) 83’, Susanne Moberg 86’
Göteborg: Sara Lindén (Anita Asante) 81’
Kristianstads’ third win in a row now puts Göteborg in a position five points behind the leaders Malmö and Tyresö. Remarkable that Göteborg, which had the best defensive line in 2011, now have seven goals against them within a week. Being the better team in the first half, Moberg’s lead after 55 minute changed the character of the game. Rumor has it that Icelandic forward Margret Lara Vidarsdottir might come back to Kristianstad after a bad time in Potsdam without much play.

Djurgården vs Umeå IK 1-0
Attendance: 503
Djurgården: Mia Jalkerud (Sofia Nilsson) 6’

Djurgården's Katrin Jonsdottir and Umeå IK's Jenny Hjohlman (Photo By Rainer Fussganger)

When Mia Jalkerud scored her early goal, Umeå showed that they are still shocked and shaken after their two heavy losses against Malmö (1-7) and Tyresö (1-5). Centre backs Emma Berglund and Alexandra Nilsson were very unstable and gave Jalkerud more chances to increase the lead. Even though Umeå had two shots that hit the crossbar. The Djurgården win was well-deserved and gives them a new start of the season as centre back Katrin Jonsdottir told me: “I had almost forgotten how it feels to win a match.”

Umea's Jenny_Hjohlman takes a shot on goal against Djurgarden's Gudbjörg Gunnarsdottir (Photo By Rainer Fussganger)

Jitex vs Piteå IF 2-2
Attendance: 237
Jitex: Sofia Karlsson (Katri Nokso-Koivisto) 13’, Katri Nokso-Koivisto (Christina Julien) 70’
Piteå: Jennifer Nobis (Lena Blomkvist) 27’, Ann-Mari Dovland (Victoria Forsmark) 82’
A good match between two teams of the middle section of the table had no winner. As always Jitex had only 237 spectators watching the game on Sunday afternoon. Jennifer Nobis scored her fifth goal of the season. This season everything seems to be possible for the teams between No. 3 and 10 in Damallsvenskan.

Rainer Fussgänger, of Germany, lives in Sweden and has followed the Damallsvenskan for eight years now. Living in Stockholm with three clubs (Djurgården, Hammarby, and Tyresö) around the corner, he is lucky to see a lot of games. You can follow Rainer on Twitter @ffschweden and check out his website at http://ffschweden.wordpress.com.