Interviews with Emma Part 7: A Conversation with Atlanta’s Keeley Dowling

Emma with Keeley Dowling

By David Bayer

When Keeley signed with the Beat in the off-season, the only thing I heard about her was that she has an incredible vertical leap. After meeting her, we found there are many incredible things about her. She’s warm, friendly, unassuming, and has a smile that leaps out at you.

Keeley Dowling – Defender – Atlanta Beat

Birth date: February 17, 1983
Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
Nickname: “Keels”
Age she started soccer: 4
College: Tennessee (major: Exercise Science)
Career after soccer: She would like to continue her coaching. She currently assists at her alma mater.
Why she wears number 40: “There are a lot of different meanings for number 40 in the Bible. It’s a very symbolic number as far as trials and tribulations…That’s the big picture for me.”
Favorite pregame foods: “A lot of food.” She likes foot-long subs for carbs and protein. Thirty minutes before a game – a banana and protein bar. Starting to get into coffee. “I need a lot of fuel.”
Workout music: She likes her music “chill and mellow”… country, Christian, Jack Johnson, Coldplay. No heavy metal.
Superstitions: None
Favorite Cartoon Character: Pinky from Pinky and the Brain
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride
Favorite Actress: Nicole Kidman … loved her in Moulin Rouge
Something people may not know about Keeley: She’s played the piano for 14 years. At one point, she wanted to quit, but she’s grateful she kept with it.
Mentor: In soccer – Angela Kelly (head coach at Tennessee) “She took me under her wing. I’ve learned a lot from her. She has a strong character. She’s really into developing the young woman, which I think is really important, not just winning soccer games.” In life – “My mom and my dad. Throughout the years, they’ve been a strong support for me, and great examples of how to be a strong person, and certainly faith being most important.”
Favorite Charity or Cause: She has a passion for working with seniors.
Pets: None, but she likes dogs.
Life Motto: Her favorite verse from the Bible (2 Timothy 1:7) – “For God did not give us the spirit of timidity but one of power, love and self-discipline.” “Self-discipline is what I try to do, because that’s one of the hardest things to do…loving people even if you don’t want to that’s hard too. I just think it’s a really cool verse.”
Keeley in the words of teammate Megan Jesolva : On the field – “Ambitious” Off the field – “Hilarious”
Keeley in the words of Atlanta Coach James Galanis: “Keeley is a leader in the locker room. She is the type of player that everyone loves and listens to. She has had an amazing effect on the young players on our squad. She always encourages, and is always there to push players to work even harder.”

Thanks for the chat, Keeley. We wish you success in continuing the amazing effect with your teammates that Coach Galanis mentioned, as well as your Lady Vols, and many others.