Lisa-Marie Woods: National Team and the upcoming World Cup

The Norwegian National team started their preparations a long time ago, and soon it will all be put to the test. We haven’t had as many days in camp as many of the other nations have, but we have gotten individual follow-up and gotten to play good games for our clubs. I wrote a blog from the Algarve Cup, saying we have a lot to work on before we consider ourselves ready for the World Cup, and when the team met up earlier this month, it was obvious that many had taken this to heart.

The roster for the May camp consists of 26 names, so we know that some of us will not be joining the final roster as it will only contain 18 names. This allows for healthy competition, and I can assure you that everyone wants to make that roster!

In the media there has been a lot of talk about injured players, so I can imagine a lot of followers are wondering how that is going to affect the team. This is our take on it. The injured players are getting world-class treatment and are already in big progress, so if faith shall allow it they will be ready and fit for fight when the World Cup starts. If they are not ready, we are so lucky to have talented and dedicated players just waiting to get their opportunity to shine. We do however wish to have everyone fit for fight so we get maximal competition and can say that the best was picked fair and square. No excuses!

Our final roster is not going to be ready just yet. We have another camp May 17-19 where we play Finland. The roster for that game is out and can be found at You will find 24 names there, so this is yet another chance for us to prove ourselves worthy for the final WC roster. I am so excited about this opportunity and will do my best to make it there, and when I am there, do my best in every game! I do have the Cup Final here in Denmark only a day after the Finland game, but I am so motivated to do well for both the club and national team, so I am confident I will be able to perform in both games. Will be very exciting!

As a little side note … as I spend more time on Twitter, I also get a drift on what’s going on with other teams. I saw that the U.S. roster got announced earlier this week, and I was curious to also find some criticism I don’t fully understand. I understand that some people have doubts about the selection of midfielder Carli Lloyd. Well, I played against her in the Algarve Cup and found her to be a very good player. I think those who doubt are just wrong on this one. I am not going to debate more on this, but a team without her would be something that would raise my eyebrows! I guess you haven’t made it until you get haters.

Lisa-Marie Woods is a member of the Norwegian Women’s National Team. She also plays for Danish champions, Fortuna Hjørring.