Maria Karlsson: Catch the moment

The draft of this blog was written on a brown paper bag with carrots in it. One day this week between two sessions, I was in town and walked around the big market. It was a lovely spring day with clear blue sky and around 15 degrees. After I bought some fruits and my favorite, caramelized ginger, I sat down on a bench and just enjoyed the moment. I’m not so hi-tech yet that I have an iPhone, but I almost always have a pen in my bag so when I sat there in the sun I started to write this blog. And it struck me how amazing this season is, when everything starts to grow and people come
out of their houses and apartments. I sat on a bench for two hours and the thing that caught my eye most, was all the little children running around. They caught my eye because they looked as if they were discovering the world and viewing things for the first time. And maybe they did?!

To catch the small things every day and sometimes just sit down to watch without doing anything else. I think that’s something that we all can become much better at. A thought from a bench in Doncaster.

On Sunday this weekend we’re playing Liverpool in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup. I’m so excited and have this good feeling in my body. I hope that it will be a really good game and that both us and Liverpool can promote the start of FA WSL in the best way. And the most important, that we can prove to ourselves that we’re good enough to play in the next round. It feels like I have more visitors here in Doncaster than I had when I lived in Linköping home in Sweden. And I like it. This weekend my parents are coming to visit me, and I really look forward to seeing them again. So, my advice to readers of this blog, go out, enjoy the day, and catch the moment.