Maria Karlsson: Sisters

After this weekend I feel that the subject for the blog is clear. My sister Sofia, who is two years younger then me, came to Doncaster to visit, and it was such a nice time. I have two sisters, Anna who is three years older than me, and Sofia. They are my sisters and also my best friends. It has been lovely to have ‘Fia’ here in Doncaster. It’s hard to imagine that it’s the same sister that I would wrestle and once furiously shoved into the brand new glass shower door when we were kids. Fia’ and I fought and Anna was the mature older sister who cried because we always teased each
other. I think it was the winning instinct which was born then, and I can now imagine how hard it must been for ‘Fia’ to always be the loser when we played football in our basement when we were young. They were tough games, but in one way or another I always won with one goal. Anna and ‘Fia’ are both living in my home town Gothenburg. That’s good for me, who sometimes lives out of a suitcase in their apartments, is like a second home for me. I feel that I can talk with them about everything, even if sometimes they don’t want to hear all I have to say.I know that whatever happens, they will always be there for me, and I feel especially safe because Anna is a nurse and ‘Fia’ is a physio. Lucky me! We have a special connection and I’m really looking forward to see them both again.

Quote of the week: The little lad at a school in Doncaster, who after he heard me speak Swedish and was asked to guess where I am from, smiled big and said: “I know, you’re Japanese!”

Game of the week: Chelsea FC-Doncaster RBS FC, FA-Cup 5th round. Sunday 13th March, 2 p.m.

Photo: Maria Karlsson, far right, with her sisters, Sofia and Anna.

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