Stephanie Labbe delivers music video and more from Cyprus

Can the Canadian Women’s Team Dance?!?! My vote is yes … without a doubt. Some of our moves may be a little less, um, coordinated, but there is definitely some hidden talent on this team! About a week ago, Carmelina received a little dance/singing video from a few of the USA players who are in Portugal for the Algarve. They of course wanted a response. So, the Canadians we are, of course we not only had to respond, but we took it up a “few” notches and blew their video out of the water, not that it was a competition. But I think we may have turned it into one! Want to see the video for yourself? Check it out here

After two good weeks of solid testing, training, and preparing for the Cyprus Cup, the games have finally started. We are currently 2-0 in the tournament with wins both against Scotland and Italy. The win against Italy was especially emotional, with the obvious reasoning being our staff is 98 percent Italian. Was definitely a great feeling walking off the field with the win! Next up is England, who lost to Scotland earlier today, but of course will be a great game, as the final is on the line, and England is a strong, fast, technical team who will challenge us a lot, all over the field. We will for sure have to bring our “A” game again!

Some exciting news recently for us, having the 2015 Women’s World Cup being awarded to Canada! We are so excited for this. It’s a dream for sure to be able to play a world cup in front of your family, friends, and biggest fans. I know for me, after watching the inaugural 2002 U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada was something I will never forget. The team was training in Edmonton at the time, and one of the keepers got an injury so I was called in to train with them for a few days before the tournament started. That was only my second time with the National Team, and ever since, it has been my dream to not only play in a World Cup, but to play at home in that environment. I’ll cross my fingers that Edmonton gets picked again as a host city, and of course keep my focus on the near future!