First weekend with my new team, Fortuna Hjørring, Danish champions

After December 2010, I was out of contract and looking for a new club. It took me some time to find the right team for me, but now I have found it and it seems to just what I am looking for. With it being the World Cup this year, I had to make sure that whatever team I decided on had to be very professional both on and off the field so my focus can be on training and getting fit for the World Cup.

My decision fell on Fortuna Hjørring, the Danish champions. I have found the club to be very accommodating and the girls to be a competitive but very social group. I am really looking forward to work hard on getting better every day with these girls and this team.

I arrived on the day before we left for Gøteborg and the Jitex international cup, so I got one training before we went off to get some good matches against Swedish and Norwegian teams. No better way to start than to start right off with games. That is after all what we love, and for me the fastest way to the wanted fitness level.

First of all I need to tell you that our whole team was convinced that this was an indoor tournament. Well, I mean it is Sweden, and it is in the beginning of February, which usually means COLD. So of course it had to be inside, right? WRONG. As I showed up dressed for indoor training, I soon realized that the complex used for this tournament was indeed outside. I did a lot of running at training just to keep warm. We ended up losing, 2-0, against Swedish champions Malmø, and 2-1 against Norwegian team Kolbotn IL.

I do hate losing, but I also recognize this tournament as a little tryout as far as new players and new systems goes, which doesn’t always allow for the most competitive team. Everyone got a lot of playing time, and we tried out some new ways of playing. I got tackled from behind in the first game against Malmø, which led me having to sit out the game against Kolbotn. That was not really what I had in mind, but I did the best I could out of the situation, and analyzed the players and formations to learn as much as possible about my new teammates. We will need a couple more friendlies before we have a set team. Everybody is working really hard every day, so it will be exciting to see who makes the team and what style we play when the games start in late March. I have been really happy with this weekend, and I am looking forward to what is coming up next!

Lisa Marie-Woods was the 2010Toppserien Player of the Year when she scored 13 goals to lead Stabæk to the Toppserien title. She currently plays midfield for Fortuna Hjørring of the Danish Elitedivisionen. She’s also a member of the Norwegian Women’s National Team.