Santos FC wins the Torneio Internacional Interclubes de Futebol Feminino

Santos FC beat Foz Cataratas, 3-2, Saturday afternoon to win the Torneio Internacional Interclubes de Futebol Feminino in São Paulo. Foz Cataratas took a 1-0 lead in the 7th minute when Gabi chipped a ball over Santos keeper Andrea Suntaque, who came too far off her line and was caught off guard. Foz Cataratas put three defenders on Marta, neutralizing the five-time FIFA Player of the Year. But Santos got a huge break in the 26th minute when Leti from Foz Cataratas was sent off for defending a ball with her hand. With the one-player advantage, Santos equalized in the 33rd minute on a goal by Angelica, a high-rising shot 30 yards from goal.

In the second half, Foz Cataratas took the lead again, this time on a goal by Daiane Santos, who flicked the ball past Andrea inside the 18. Santos then pulled level on a goal by Maurine in the 64th minute from a difficult angle. Avoiding a tackle near the end line, Maurine managed to hit the ball with her right foot and bend it into the goal, off the fingertips of Foz Cataratas keeper Vivi. A few minutes before time expired in regulation, Dani received a red card for Santos, bringing both teams down to 10 players. But Santos managed to score the game-winner before the end of regulation. Nearing the 45-minute mark of the second half, Thais scored the winning goal when Foz Cataratas failed to clear the ball out of the area.

In the third-place match, Palmeiras defeated Umeå IK, 3-2. Palmeiras beat Umeå IK, 3-1, two days earlier in the final match of the group stage.