Wolfsburg with big win, Frankfurt with big point loss in makeup games

by Olaf Goldbecker

Four makeup games were played in Bundesliga and all of the top four teams were featured.

The toughest battle took place between No. 1 Wolfsburg and No. 4 Munich. The Bavarians proved to be a top team killer in the last two seasons, and also today they delivered an open battle. Three goals were scored, all between minutes 38 and 42. Martina Müller scored the lead for Wolfsburg, Katharina Baunach tied by penalty kick, and Viola Odebrecht scored what proved to be the game winner for Wolfsburg. The Wolves spoke about a hard-battled win but their 19th straight league home win got them closer to the title.

Turbine Potsdam, the toughest opponent for Wolfsburg, easily beat Duisburg 6-1. Antonia Göransson’s early goal was quickly answered by Dolores Silva, but after Anomna scored the lead again, the matter was quickly done. Six different scorers were in charge for Potsdam. In contrast to Potsdam, rival Frankfurt suffered another upset. Just three days after the loss to Freiburg, FFC only drew 1-1 from Jena. Amber Hearn marked the lead for Jena, Kerstin Garefrekes tied after 70 minutes.

In another game, Bad Neuenahr and Leverkusen finished their game without goals.

The teams should be at 18 games by now but only Freiburg (#5, 28 pts) and Leverkusen (#6, 22 pts) are at this number. Wolfsburg (17) leads the standings with 44 pts, Potsdam (16) is seven points behind. Frankfurt  (35/17) can say goodbye to any championship dreams and needs to fear that they will miss the Champions League qualification for the second straight time. Bayern Munich (30 in 17) leads the rest of the field.