Spring Forward

by Eva Petersen

I have had a long break from soccer because my team hasn’t played since November. We did have a team tryout in December and it was nice and sunny. I was really happy to be there because I was practicing with another team for December and it was great to be back with the Sparks.

DSCN1321Our last tournament of the year was very interesting because we didn’t lose a single game. We also didn’t win a single game. You know what that means; we had all ties. All the teams we played were teams that beat us before, so actually, that was a real accomplishment for our team, even though it seems a little bit disappointing.

The team we (of course) had to play on a Sunday was our old rival the “Tomatoes!” (Not their real name, if you haven’t read my earlier posts). You can probably tell by the picture that it was unusually cold for California, but I think that helped us a little. The field was icy. You can’t see it very well in the picture, but when we got there the field was completely white. When we started playing it was basically a game of slip and slide and nobody was scoring. It eventually started to get boring. My mom says that it was not boring but she’s wrong. Nobody scored. Boring.

In the end we didn’t advance, but we also didn’t lose to the Tomatoes. Some of the parents thought this was fine, but if you were a sporty dad you would think we need some work.

Now that both team tryouts have happened, I am very excited for spring season to start. We are getting new uniforms this season, which I was excited about at first. Now I just hope that we will have a good team again. We do have to get the new uniforms though. At one of the fall tournaments, a mom from another team made fun of our “short” shorts.

One of the things that will be different for spring season is we are playing with eleven and the field is full sized. We had to get some new team members but everyone else in our age group has to get new team members too, so we don’t know if we will have enough to make a team. Four girls also left for different reasons. We are going to have to run a lot more, because the field is bigger and pass a lot harder because the back line is farther away from the forwards.  This also means more passing back!

Hopefully, I will make the team, otherwise my blog will have to be about staring at a soccer ball wondering what my team is doing. Actually, my next blog is the second half of my interview with Julie Johnston. By the way, she is even more famous than the last time I talked to her.