Bundesliga: Wolfsburg, Potsdam win makeup games

by Olaf Goldbecker

Three makeup games were played in Germany on Wednesday. Wolfsburg and Potsdam competed in their games from Match Day 5, in which they were on Champions League duties. The match in Leverkusen was originally scheduled for Match Day 2 during the U20 World Cup.

VfL Wolfsburg v SC Freiburg 1:0 (1:0)
Freiburg did a good job keeping a close score in Wolfsburg but at the end of the day they returned home empty. A penalty kick by Lena Goessling after half an hour was the lonely goal of the afternoon. Latter word has to be taken seriously as this game was played on a weekday afternoon, no holiday. It is not a big surprise that Wolfsburg could only welcome about 10% of the attendance they had at their last home game. The Wolves are the only team in the league that hasn’t lost a game this season yet.

Turbine Potsdam v SC Bad Neuenahr 5:1 (2:1)
Yuki Ogimi was Potsdam’s matchwinner and Bad Neuenahr’s nightmare after striking four times. After succeeding with the first goal of the day, Genoveva Anomna increased before Leonie Maier closed the gap for the 2:1 halftime score. Ogimi just needed eleven minutes for her three goals after the break to give Potsdam a convincing win.

Bayer Leverkusen v FCR Duisburg 1:1 (1:0)
The game had just been played in the cup competition on Sunday, in which Duisburg advanced after a last minute overtime win. This time the game seemed to be the opposite of the previous one. While on Sunday nothing happened until late in overtime, it was Leverkusen to catch a quick start when former Duisburg player Marith Priessen scored after just three minutes. This seemed to be the lonely score of the night but on a Japanese scoring day Kozue Ando did not want to keep back and tied the match in minute 84.

Situation: The standings get a little bit clearer but still are not even. Normally all teams would have played five games so far, in brackets you will see the number of games played by teams who have less than the full number of matches. Frankfurt leads the table with 10 points, followed by Potsdam (in 4) and Wolfsburg (3) who moved up to 9 pts each. Gütersloh (4), Duisburg and Essen follow with 7 pts, ahead of Munich (3) with 6, Bad Neuenahr (4) at 5 and Freiburg with 4 pts (4). Leverkusen left the relegation spots and sits in 10th position and 3 pts, followed by Sindelfingen with the same points but the significantly worse goal differential. Jena closes the standings with two draws at the bottom. On Sunday the league resumes with Turbine Potsdam v Bayern Munich being the top match of the day