Bayern Munich wins the national cup title

By Olaf Goldbecker – Surprise in Germany: Bayern Munich defeated the favorites, 1.FFC Frankfurt, 2-0 (0-0), and won the lucrative DFB Cup title for the first time in club history. Right from the start in Cologne’s Rhine Energy Stadium, Munich showed that they were not willing to donate the cup to Frankfurt. Isabel Bachor (2) and Sarah Hagen had first opportunities for score. After 10 minutes, Frankfurt slowly got into the game, but chances remained seldom on both sides. Most promising scenes happened after set pieces like Melanie Behringer’s free kick, which was not saved properly by Bayern goalie Kathrin Längert, but she had luck that the shot hit the crossbar.

A corner kick proved to be the decisive scene. Stefanie Mirlach, whose transfer to Turbine Potsdam after the season was announced this week, sent in her cross, and Hagen headed in against three defenders. Twenty-seven minutes remained for Frankfurt, but they did not create a single scoring opportunity anymore while still allowing the luxury to keep international top players like Saki Kumagai, Jessica Landström, and Sara Thunebro on the bench. One minute stoppage time was announced, and Bayern Munich made use of it to seal the deal. Hagen won an air ball and headed into the run of Ivana Rudelic, who just entered the field short before and had no problems to finish.

Frankfurt: Schumann – Weber, Bartusiak, Lewandowski, Percival – Maroszan, Smisek, Behringer, Garefrekes (70 Chojnowski), Huth – Bajramaj (40 Crnogorcevic)

Munich: Längert – Huyleur (89 Rudelic), Wenninger, de Pol, Baunach – Feiersinger, Cross, Schnaderbeck, Bürki (85 Schöne) – Hagen, Bachor (61 Lotzen)

0:1 Hagen (63 Baunach), 0:2 Rudelic (90+1 Hagen)

Attendance: 15.583 in Cologne