Damallsvenskan Round 5: Vittsjö quickly climbing up the ladder, while Tyresö dominates again

By Rainer Fussgänger – Two of the championship candidates lost important points, while both Malmö and Tyresö won their matches in the very north of Sweden. At the bottom, the struggle for the Stockholm teams AIK and Djurgården gets more and more difficult now with five points behind.

AIK vs Kristianstads DFF 2-3
Attendance: 168
AIK: Maija Saari 26′, Jennie Nordin (Elin Borg) 55′
Kristianstad: Mia Carlsson (Katrin Omarsdottir) 4′, Kosovare Asllani (PK) 33′, Kosovare Asllani 63′

Kristianstad's Kosovare Asllani sends a cross to Canadian international Sophie Schmidt (Photo By Rainer Fussgänger)

Former Chicago Red Star Kosovare Asllani scored goals No. 2 and 3 within one week in the two away games of the Southern team in the capital region. AIK played with a lot of heart and created some opportunities, but in the end, Kristianstad had the energy for 90 minutes. “It is always difficult to play teams like Djurgården last week and AIK now,” Kosovare, or “Kosse” as she is called, told me after the game. “AIK played quite aggressive in the defense and after our first two goals we became to comfortable and gave them space to play. I do not think of the Olympic Games, I think only of Kristianstad,” she answered the question if she hopes to be a part of the Swedish WNT for London this summer.

Kristianstad's Johanna Rasmussen looks to get past AIK's Malin Diaz (Photo By Rainer Fussgänger)








KIF Örebro vs Djurgården 3-0

Attendance: 363
KIF Örebro: Elin Magnusson (Marie Hammarström) 24′, Caroline Näfver (Linda Fransson) 71′, Marie Hammarström (Sarah Michael) 77′

While AIK at least scored twice against Kristianstad, Djurgården once again did not manage to score in their away game in Örebro. The home team that suffered two embarrassing defeats against Tyresö (7-0) and Göteborg (6-0) dominated almost the whole game with a quarter of good offensive play by Djurgården in the beginning of the second half. Djurgården coach Patrick Eklöf mentioned that they still miss some injured players. “Today we were in the right spots when they scored, but we did not do the right things,” he commented.

Vittsjö GIK vs Linköpings FC 3-0
Attendance: 901
Vittsjö: Sofie Andersson (Sandra Adolfsson) 79′, Danesha Adams (Kirsty Yallop) 86′, Danesha Adams (Johanna Andersson) 88′

“I am glad as long as it lasts. Right now, the fairytale goes on,” a happy captain Sofie Andersson said after Vittsjö took its fourth win in a remarkable streak. Against Linköping, with a lot of internationals in the roster, it was quite an open game during almost the whole match. But as Andersson said, right now Vittsjö has the patience to wait until their chance is coming and during nine magical minutes Linköping’s dreams of another championship turned grey and seem to be far away now. Danesha Adams scored her third and fourth goals and told her opponents in the league on Twitter to “keep underestimating” Vittsjö, which is now in a third position behind only Tyresö and Malmö.

Piteå IF vs LdB FC Malmö 0-2
Attendance: 892
Malmö: own goal 42′, Elin Rubensson (Anja Mittag) 89′

Who is the best joker in the league? There is little doubt that the answert to that question must be Elin Rubensson. The 19-year-old came in as a substitute for the fifth time now and scored her fourth goal. Some people already demand a spot in the first lineup for her, especially since Ramona Bachmann has not yet reached her normal level. Piteå played a very good game in the defense and put some pressure on Malmö, but in the end, Malmö won the big points and scored in the sensitive last minutes of each half.

Umeå IK vs Tyresö FF 1-5
Attendance: 3,125
Umeå: Emma Berglund (Rita Chikwelu) 75′
Tyresö: Line Röddik Hansen 38′, Kirsten van de Ven (Vero Boquete) 55′, Vero Boquete (Marta) 59′, Kirsten van de Ven (Marta) 61′, Line Röddik Hansen (Madelaine Edlund) 66′

After getting seven goals from Malmö, Umeå has to live with another five from Tyresö. However, the first 30 minutes were really good from the home side, which could say hello to 3,125 spectators – a new season high. Tyresö plays with six former Umeå players and of course the return of Marta was the day’s topic. “I am not so happy that I did not score today, because I really have thought about what to do. Not celebrating at all or very calm,” Marta told reporters after the game. Anyway, her two assists for Vero and Kirsten van de Ven were decisive. Best on the pitch was Danish defender Röddik Hansen, who scored a marvellous goal that gave Tyresö a 5-0 lead. Tyresö and Malmö seem to be a little light year away from the rest of the league at the moment, winning their matches without bigger problems.

Kopparberg/Göteborgs FC vs Jitex 3-3
Attendance: 840
Göteborg: Jane Törnqvist (Lisa Ek) 77′, Marlene Sjöberg 84′, Christen Press (Mimmi Löfwenius) 87′
Jitex: Annica Sjölund (Sofia Karlsson) 9′, Leena Puranen (Fridolina Rolfö) 39′, Elin Sandgren (Sofia Karlsson) 56′

The derby between the two Göteborg teams had two faces. First, the sensational 3-0 lead for Jitex until 13 minutes from the final whistle, when the vice champions suddenly started to score hunting at least one point and a draw. And two quick goals by Sjöberg and Press (her sixth) gave the equalizer. But Jitex seems to be real strong this season, and we are looking forward to see them in the forthcoming matches against teams more of their class. Jitex could be one of the positive surprises this season. Göteborg can be happy in the end, but they have lost five points in two home matches. Maybe too much to be able to shake Tyresö and Malmö.

Rainer Fussgänger, of Germany, lives in Sweden and has followed the Damallsvenskan for eight years now. Living in Stockholm with three clubs (Djurgården, Hammarby, and Tyresö) around the corner, he is lucky to see a lot of games. You can follow Rainer on Twitter @ffschweden and check out his website at http://ffschweden.wordpress.com.