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Bundesliga: Potsdam the big winner on top in a day filled with lots of surprises

Turbine Potsdam secured a significant win over Wolfsburg, distancing itself even further from the rest of the league. Frankfurt, meanwhile. continues to struggle, dropping a 1-0 decision to Hamburger SV. There was a battle at the bottom of the table with Leverkusen coming out on top against Lok Leipzig.

By Olaf Goldbecker

FCR Duisburg v SC Freiburg 2:2 (1:1)

It seemed to be a typical top against bottom match when Linda Bresonik scored after 14 minutes. Until then, not a lot happened in this match, and Freiburg had the luck of the right answer just three minutes later when Sonja Giraud tied the game – both teams converted their first chance. Freiburg delivered a big fight and required some luck to rescue the half time score. Bresonik failed with a penalty shot, young SCF keeper Laura Benkarth had a huge game in goal – and when she was beaten, defenders rescued on the goal line. Freiburg got more control of the game the longer it lasted. Bresonik hit the crossbar from the distance, but the road team took the lead when Juliane Maier scored after 77 minutes. Three minutes later, a distance shot by Laura Wensing surprisingly hit the back of the net, which rescued the draw for Duisburg.

1.FFC Frankfurt v Hamburger SV 0:1 (0:0)

Hamburg managed another surprise. The team of Coach Achim Feifel always is good when nobody expects them to deliver. Already the halftime score cared for a surprising roar in the other stadiums, but Aferdita Kameraj even scored the lone goal of the match a few minutes after the break. The top team from Frankfurt had no answer and suffered the second loss in just four days.

1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig v Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1:4 (1:2)

The game of the bottom two cared for lots of suspension. Bayer 04 did not hide that a win was needed, otherwise they would get relegated. The game started well for them when Eunice Beckmann scored an early lead, yet Katie Kelly tied just a few minutes after. Half an hour was played when Lisa Schwab cared for Leverkusen’s lead again. It remained an open battle until the final minutes. but within the last five of the game Audrey Knopp and Claudia Götte cared for the final result.

1.FFC Turbine Potsdam v VfL Wolfsburg 1:0 (1:0)

Two weeks ago, Potsdam looked like they would be struggling, and Wolfsburg appeared to be the strongest team at the moment. Yet now everything is always, Potsdam holds their heads high and wins the games you need to win. An early goal by Stefanie Draws after 10 minutes decided the game.

SC 07 Bad Neuenahr v FF USV Jena  0:1 (0:0)

Another surprise happened in Bad Neuenahr, which didn’t expect their streak of games without a loss and the current league season record of minutes without goals to be snapped in a home against Jena. Yet the East German delivered a good game and won deservedly on a goal by Carolin Schiewe in the 74th minute.

FC Bayern München v SG Essen-Schönebeck 1:0 (1:0)

The Bavarian team collected a win when it was necessary considering the other results, while Essen extends their losing streak. Swiss International Vanessa Bürki scored the only goal of the game right before halftime to decide this game.

Situation: Almost counted out, now smiling on top again – Turbine Potsdam made a big step today being the only winner of the top four teams. Duisburg trails two points behind, while Frankfurt and Wolfsburg (one game more to play) are already seven points behind the league leader. Freiburg now is fifth with 19 points, half of Potsdam. Bad Neuenahr with 18, Essen and Munich with 17, Hamburg with 16 and Jena with 15 follow directly after. It’s not looking good for Leipzig with 9 points on a relegation spot; they did not win a single point this year so far. Leverkusen celebrated the second win of the season and now has 7 points and desperately need another win against Hamburg next weekend. With the results of the other games, the rescue seems far away though. Next weekend features another top game between Wolfsburg and Duisburg.