Lisa-Marie Woods: Yes or No?


I have been anxious to write this blog, as I knew I would wait until the roster for the WWC got released. It could have been a day of joy or a day of misery. As I told you in the last blog, I had an exciting week ahead of me, which was last week. It was the week where I had the national team camp as well as the cup final against Brondby. We all knew that this was our last chance to prove ourselves good enough for the World Cup team, and I had to give everything to prove that I would be the right selection.

We always do our best, but they have made a point of showing us that attitude matters, and I was not letting them get anything on me. We finished up the camp with a friendly against Finland, and luckily the head coach, Eli Landsem, approached me and said that they were only going to play me the first 45 of the game as I had an important game at noon the day after. I would have never approached her to ask for less playing time, so I was glad when I didn’t have to. It was not like I didn’t want to play more, but I knew it was going to make the next day harder, and I have loyalty also to my club and my fellow teammates. So it was all sorted out.

The game against Finland was easier than I thought it would be. We can always expect Finland to put up a good fight, but this time I felt we were first on everything. We scored no less than a minute into the game, and when it was 2-0 at halftime, the game was more or less done. We kept up our good play in the second half and won 5-1 in the end. Looking good.

The next day however was not as good. It was the cup final, and we went all for it. Started fresh and got some chances we could have scored on, but then instead Brondby scored, and after that, they took over the game more and more. Coming out in the second half, it was more even again, but once again they scored, and being down 2-0 in a cup final is never a good feeling. However, you will NEVER see me give up, and I will believe until the whistle is blown.

We came back twice, and at full time it was 2-2. If it ended that way we would have gone straight through to penalty kick, and I was confident that we would win a PK shootout at that point. Once again though, in the 92nd minute they scored again, and 3-2 was the final score. A bitter loss. We showed character coming back twice, but we should learn to be more cynical.

However disappointing the end of the week was, the beginning of the week was apparently a good one for me. The roster for the WWC came out today, and it was a day of joy as I was picked. You can see the whole roster here:

Now it is out to get some hours of play with the ball before training. Nothing is as
motivating as to think about the upcoming WWC, but first things first. League games and training hard.


Lisa-Marie Woods is a member of the Norwegian Women’s National Team. She also plays for Danish champions, Fortuna Hjørring.