Maria Karlsson: First Half of FA Women’s Super League Season Comes to a Close

Doncaster playing Liverpool. (Maria Karlsson)
Doncaster playing Liverpool. (Maria Karlsson)

We have now played seven games, and the first part of the season has passed by far too quickly. My personal opinion is that the league could have been played another three weeks, and then continue after the Women’s World Cup from end of July to October. I know it’s only eight teams, but why not play every team three times instead of two?

I like when it’s intense between the games, but the training suffers, and it’s hard for the clubs to get time to advertise each big game. Especially for our club, which has had three home games in the last eight days. I’m sure that the clubs and the FA have the same goal — that the players, teams, and the game should develop. That will bring a bigger crowd to the games and more sponsors and money to the clubs. It would be a win-win situation for all parts. This, of course, is something that takes time and is a long-term project, and I think that this first season will teach a lot about how the future will look.

After the first seven games, we have seven points. My first thought is that it’s too little. However, given that the league has been tight and we only have seven points that puts us in the same point average as being in fourth place. We have many new players, including myself, in the team this year, and I think that the past few months have been successful in building a strong and powerful team. What we need to work on is our finishing and consistency. Then, Doncaster will be even stronger the second part of the season.

Because of the Women’s World Cup, we now have a long break. I start off my vacation by going to Barcelona and Rome with Kylla Sjoman tomorrow. After that, I’m leaving for Sweden and my hometown Gothenburg, and I’m so excited to meet my family and my friends again. I have really enjoyed my first months here in Doncaster, and I’m so happy for all the new people I’ve got to know here. All your helpfulness, kindness, and support means a lot to me.

Thanks also to all the people that support us at our games, both away and at Keepmoat. See you in the end of July!

Week’s hurra! Happy 22nd birthday Aine O’Gorman, good luck in Algarve and enjoy your vacation home in Ireland. See you at the Ramada in June!