Interviews with Emma Part 2: A conversation with Sky Blue FC’s Carolyn Blank

Emma with Carolyn Blank

By David Bayer

We were excited when we heard that we would be interviewing Carolyn Blank this week. She was a favorite of ours when she played with the Beat last season. For me, watching her play was very enjoyable because she always seemed to be in the middle of everything…always hustling. And when there was a “discussion” with a referee, you could always count on Carolyn to be there voicing her opinion…”strongly.” For Emma, Carolyn was a fun teacher at last season’s players’ clinic. She got her to dribble with the inside of her foot, rather than the outside.

After a tough loss, Carolyn came over to us, gave us a big smile and hugs and settled in for her interview. Here’s our report:

Carolyn Blank – Midfielder – Sky Blue FC

Birthdate: March 23, 1988
Hometown: Toms River, New Jersey
Nicknames: “CB” “Care” “Car” “Blank”
Age she started soccer: 4-5
College: West Virginia University – Working on her Masters in Elementary and Special Education
Why she wears number 31: As a kid, she wore #1 and #3, in high school she was #13.
Favorite pregame foods: Pasta, chicken, salad, vegetables (anything light)
Workout music: Upbeat music (Rihanna) Anything fast to get her going.
Superstitions: Always ties her left shoe first. Always puts her hair in a tight bun, when going into the locker room and again when coming out. If she does something specific and the team loses or ties, she will avoid doing it the next game.
Favorite Cartoon Character: Brobee from “Yo Gabba Gabba”
Favorite Movies: “Little Giants” and “Mighty Ducks”
Something people may not know about Carolyn: She knows a bit of sign language.
Mentor: Many WVU teachers. “To pick one, Dr. Sharon Hayes. She was a teacher of mine throughout my years of college, who helped me a lot.  Between the WPS and still being in school, it was very hard…she was able to get me to realize that I loved both so much and to have both, I’m blessed. I was going to take a year off (for soccer), but she’s been pushing me and working me hard.”
Favorite Charity or Cause: She was involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters in high school. Would like to get back into that and also get involved with Autism. “Basically anything with younger kids, because I like them. They’re cool.”
In the words of her coach, Jim Gabarra: “Carolyn is a real competitor. She works hard and has very good attacking ability…a very smart player.”
In the words of an unnamed teammate: On the field – “Consistent & tough.” Off the field – “Hilarious and flustered. She always has questions to ask at practice before we start any and every drill :)”

Our thanks go out to Carolyn… soccer star…role model…friend…future amazing teacher.