Jordan Angeli: In Boston and back with the Breakers

Hey all you Our Game Magazine viewers, my name is Jordan Angeli, and I am excited to start blogging for the best women’s soccer magazine out there! Since it is my first blog, I thought it’s only appropriate to introduce myself and hopefully make a good first impression. I grew up playing soccer in Colorado for what I claim to be the best club in the world – the Colorado Rush. I then attended Santa Clara University for six years. Yes, I am sure all of you are thinking, “Whoa, she flunked a few too many classes!” In actuality, I took a medical red shirt and a red shirt year my senior and fifth years due to injuries (I still claim they just didn’t want to get rid of me). My time at SCU lasted a bit longer than I imagined, but I am very thankful for it because I don’t believe I would be where I am now if it weren’t for all I learned and experienced there.

Last year, I was drafted 16th overall in the second round by the Boston Breakers. My rookie year was much more than I could ever have imagined. To start off, I got to play with Kristine Lilly! I still sometimes have to pinch myself about that one. That would have been enough for me, honestly. But then to add Kelly Smith, Amy LePeilbet, longtime friend Leslie Osborne, Tiff Weimer (shout out to OGM!), making it to the semifinals, and creating some lifelong friendships to the equation, you can only begin to realize how amazing it was. OK, enough of the intro, now let’s fast forward to the present…

Last Friday started off great as we took on Boston College in a preseason scrimmage. Not only was I pumped for the game, but it was only a half a mile away from where I live…even better! To get in the spirit of playing a college team, I really wanted to walk to the game. I had the idea in my head to make it feel like I was back in college headed to a home game, walking through campus with my game face on. However, I went to school in sunny California and my plans quickly changed when I realized it was a mere 34 degrees outside! Needless to say, I arrived at BC in less then two minutes in my car with the heat and seat warmers on full blast. As we warmed up, I had a feeling that today we were going to do some work. There was a cool, relaxed confidence about us. One thing led to the next and the before you know it, the final whistle blows and we win, 5-1.

I am sure most of you know, but my teammate Kelly Smith is kind of a big deal. Four-time nominee for FIFA Player of the Year, has 100 caps for the English National team, etc., etc. On top of that, she is just an all-around great person and amazing teammate. On that note, ESPN was at the game doing some filming on Kelly for a World Cup special airing this summer. I obviously tried to strategically place myself near Kelly at all times (got to try to get some face time on ESPN right!). After the game, I thought I for sure made the special because I assisted Kelly on her goal. To my disappointment, the cameraman was using the restroom when she scored. Typical. Why does that always happen? When you are waiting for something, it doesn’t happen until you leave or turn away for a split second and you end up missing it. Guess now we will all have to just stay tuned for the special to air this summer just in time for the Women’s World Cup to see if I got some face time or not!

Jordan Angeli is a midfielder for the Boston Breakers of Women’s Professional Soccer.