Stephanie Labbe: My life in Piteå!

Piteå "downtown"

Since returning last week from Holland, where I had met up with my Swedish club, Piteå, I have finally had the chance to settle back into my little niche here. It is so great to be with my team and bonding and hanging out with them. It is hard being away for so long, as you gain a lot with one team, but then miss out on some with another. Sometimes I feel like I am living a double life! Either way, its been great to be back, and play some friendly games in our gear up for the start of the season!

This past weekend, we played two games, the first against a Norwegian club, Trondheim, in which we won 3-1. We played well and created many chances offensively. The second game was against Umeå IK. It was a hard-fought game both ways, ending in a 3-3 tie. PKs were done to ultimately give Umeå the win on the sixth shooter. It was a tough loss, but some really positive things coming out of the game for us!

Off the field, I have been enjoying my time hanging out with friends and eating lunch at my Swedish mom’s restaurant, Röda Lyktan. It is a little café in town that I have lunch at almost everyday! The food is so amazing, and of course its an excuse for me to socialize! Along with my favorite restaurant, I have my favorite coffee shop, which is Wayne’s Coffee. It reminds me a lot of Starbucks, and I go there almost everyday as well! Aside from going to my hot spots, I like to venture out and find new restaurants and cafés to go to with friends. One thing that I love about Sweden is how they go for “fika” instead of going for coffee. It is basically going for dessert. They have so many yummy desserts here, ranging from cakes to donuts to pies and to cookies. I love to try new things, especially new sweets! I guess you could say that is another one of my weaknesses.

I will be enjoying my last few days here before heading back to Rome on Thursday for camp with Canada. Will miss my fika here in Sweden, but i have to admit the Italians have some pretty good gelato and crepes that I think can hold me over!

Stephanie Labbe is a keeper for the Canadian Women’s National Team and Piteå IF of Damallsvenskan. (Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Labbe and may not be replicated, reproduced, distributed or downloaded.)