Lisa-Marie Woods: Settled in at Fortuna

I feel like I have been in Denmark and playing for Fortuna for a while now, when in reality it has only been about two weeks. I take that as a good sign as that means that I have settled in well with the team both on and off the field. Any player that goes abroad to play with a new team knows that this kind of settlement early is really important. It allows you to lower your guard, just be yourself and have fun with playing and getting better.

Since I last wrote we have had two other friendly games. First game was against Gøteborg from Sweden, and then the second game was against a boys/junior. team. We won the first game, 2-1, and drew the second game, 1-1. We have performed better and better in each game, and we are starting to show some real potential. We do still have our work set out for us, but I am really happy about the development I have seen. My own form is also getting better and better, and it is easier and easier to play alongside my new teammates. That is a relief for me personally. Thanks to Fortuna for making this “easy” for me!

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Fortuna Hjørring is going on a training camp. It is called Algarve Cup and is with the national team. The reason I say that Fortuna is going on a trip is that seven (!) players from Fortuna Hjørring got called up for the Danish National team for this Algarve cup. Congrats to all of you, and I will see you down there as I also got called up for the Norwegian National team. As I sit staring out at the sudden snowfall here, I can’t wait to get down to Portugal. Nine days and counting!

So I am happy with the soccer performance so far. But that’s not the question I am most frequently asked. It seems like people are more interested in hearing how I am settling in with my new apartment etc. Well, I like to say that I still live in the basement of the club house, which I still do. This so that it sounds like I am touch enough to live on a cemented floor only on a thin mattress, no heating, and sharing my space with the great Danish rats. Sounds pretty tough, huh? Well, I do eventually admit that living in the basement of the Fortuna clubhouse means that I do have the choice of about 10 rooms, have a common room with games and TV, and good shower facilities. Not as though, but at least that fact makes my mother smile knowing that I am doing very well here. Just as a side note… my apartment has been painted, and I am about to move into my new flat, so they do take good care of us here.

As I get to know my teammates better, I am looking forward to sharing some gossip with you. As for now, they are behaving too much, so there is not really that much for me to write about. But don’t you worry. When they do slip, I will be there to report it. No one should feel safe.  So until next time, be good.