Holiday wishlist and New Year’s resolutions from players and coaches

We asked several players, coaches, general managers, (and even ourselves) what are three things you wish for this holiday season (in no particular order), and we also asked them to tell us the best thing that happened to them in 2010 and what is their New Year’s resolution or wish for 2011. Enjoy.

Tiffany Weimer – Our Game Magazine Editor-in-Chief
Three things I wish for:
1. A white board the size of my wall
2. More time in a day (Santa is magical – you never know)
3. My AIK #88 jersey
Best thing that happened to me in 2010 was Our Game Magazine.
My New Year’s resolution is to roll like a big shot in everything I do (more so).

Kat Galsim – Our Game Magazine Director of New Media
1. Nikon D7000
2. Black boots
3. Growth and stability of new women’s soccer leagues around the world
Best thing in 2010: I was able to spend a great amount of time in the Philippines to be with my parents, relatives, and old friends.
New Year’s resolution: Follow the tournaments and leagues of the Asian Football Confederation more.

Gloria Averbuch – Our Game Magazine Board of Directors/Author
The ultimate blessing of good health; perspective; contemplation.
Best thing in 2010: Spirituality
New Year’s resolution: To focus on all of the above.

Yael Averbuch – WNY Flash and U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder
1. Health and happiness for my friends and family
2. Quality time with the people I love
3. Some good holiday pickup soccer games
Best thing in 2010: I scored my first international goal for the USWNT against Costa Rica.
New Year’s resolution: I want to work to be a better person and soccer player every day in 2011.

Manya Makoski – Thor/KA (Iceland) midfielder
1. A collar and a leash for the polar bear I am going to have as a pet when I play in Iceland next season – must have the tag to engrave his name on it.
2. An endless supply of Starbucks White Chocolate Raspberry Mochas
3. Left-handed guitar lessons
Best thing in 2010: I went to Honduras for a week with my FCA Mission Team where we had a wonderful opportunity to make a difference through soccer and through our faith. It was such a moving experience.
New Year’s resolution: Learn more hip-hop dance moves.

Carmelina Moscato – Canadian Women’s National Team midfielder
1. For my family to stay happy and healthy
2. A Lululemon shopping spree
3. For Our Game Magazine to go viral!
Best thing in 2010: Being part of the team that qualified Canada for the 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany!

Karen Bardsley – Sky Blue FC and English WNT keeper
1. Polaroid 300 instant camera
2. Hugs
3. New sketchbook
Best thing in 2010: Having my parents see me play in person and qualifying for the World Cup.
What I wish for in 2011: Make the World Cup squad and getting my friends and family together to make the trip!

Allison Daus – Our Game Magazine Marketing
1. The cold weather to stay out of Texas.
2. A healthy and happy 2011 for my friends and family
3. Steelers to win the Super Bowl.
Best thing in 2010:  Running my first marathon and achieving my goal of qualifying for the 2012 Boston Marathon.
New Year’s resolution: Start yoga!

Michelle Chang – Our Game Magazine Designer
1. A bigger living room for my dorm in college so that people can come over more often.
2. A bunk bed because those are just really cool.
3. For the media to cover women’s soccer and women’s sports in general.
Best thing in 2010: Starting my second year of college because it’s been more epic than the first!
New Year’s resolution: To somewhat try and prioritize school work over ultimate, hanging out, and everything fun I do like OG Magazine. We’ll see how this goes.

Katie Marx – Our Game Magazine Marketing
I was asking for Chicago Red Stars season tickets but since that is no longer a possibility …
1. Plane ticket to Germany
2. iPad
3. Studio headphones by Dr. Dre
Best thing in 2010: Meeting a fantastic group of people with whom I share a passion for not only soccer, but women’s soccer.  Also being given the chance, with Our Game Magazine, to become more involved in the sport that I love so much.
New Year’s resolution: I’d like to be more involved in the local soccer community.

Ryan Wood – Our Game Magazine Assistant Editor
1. For my family and friends to stay healthy and happy
2. Chelsea to win the Champions League
3. Come out of retirement and sign with a pickup club
Best thing in 2010: Winning my first award for sports journalism.
New Year’s resolution: To finally send in my application for the Amazing Race.

María Björg Ágústsdóttir – KIF Örebro and Iceland WNT keeper
1. Cooking skills!
2. Ukulele
3. Swedish audio CDs
Best thing in 2010: I had the most amazing time with my teammates at Valur, both on and off the field. They were exceptional teammates, players, and friends.
What you wish for in 2011: To speak Swedish fluently and try to top 2010 on the soccer field!

Eniola Aluko – Sky Blue FC and England WNT forward
1. New laptop
2. New jacket
3. Nice time with family
Best thing in 2010: Scoring on my 50th international cap against Switzerland to qualify for the 2011 World Cup.
New Year’s resolution: Get in the best condition for the 2011 World Cup and pass the New York bar exam to become a NY attorney.

Kosovare Asllani – Linköping FC and Sweden WNT forward
1. A signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic jersey
2. Nothing else except to have a great Christmas and New Year with my family and friends.
Best thing in 2010: I got to fulfill one of my dreams by moving to the U.S.
What I wish for in 2011: To win the UEFA Champions league with Linköping and to win the World cup with Sweden

Stephanie Labbe – Piteå and Canada WNT keeper
1. Flip cam video camera
2. Starbucks gift card
3. Reimbursement towards my New Year’s trip planned. haha
Best thing in 2010: A very close family member was diagnosed with cancer, and fought it, and is now cancer-free and healthy again.
New Years resolution or what you wish for in 2011: For my family to remain healthy and happy, and for the Canadian Women’s National Team to medal at the Women’s World Cup Germany!

Caroline Seger – WNY Flash and Sweden WNT forward
1. Clothes
2. Hair straightener
3. Nice and enjoyable time with friends and family
Best thing in 2010: My cousin had a baby, played the WPS finals, qualified to the World Cup.
What you wish for in 2011: Have a great soccer year with (WNY Flash) and with the National Team, stay healthy, live life, and have fun.

Sara Larsson – KIF Örebro and Sweden WNT defender
1. Health and happiness for family and friends
2. Wrist warmers
3. Juice press
Best thing in 2010: An amazing year with lots of new friends in Philly.
Wish for 2011: Another amazing year with health, good soccer, and a lot of fun.

Jim Gabarra – Sky Blue FC Head Coach
1. A year of happy and healthy family and friends
2. WPS stability and growth and increased awareness
3. A 2011 season of success and development for all of Sky Blue FC
Best things in 2010: Watching my kids grow up and being an integral part of their lives, the WPS season’s process, and being part of the Freedom making the playoffs
New Year’s resolution: Enjoy the journey.

Emma Hayes – WNY Flash Technical Director
1. New coat
2. Book about MI5 history
3. New Take That album
Best thing in 2010: Drive up Cali coastline. Amazing experience.
New Year’s resolution:: I want to do different things away from football in 2011.

Denise Reddy – Linköping FC Coach
3 things you wish you get from Santa Clause (no particular order):
1. GPS watch
2. G-Star (anything and everything)
3. Flip camera
Best thing that happened to you in 2010: I finally had a chance to spend some quality time with my family and friends. I also had an opportunity to start up a business with my mentor and closest friend.
Wish for in 2011: For female sports to continue to grow, especially soccer, so players and coaches can make a living off of this sport they invest so much time into.

Melissa Callender – Nike
1. World peace
2. A healthier 2011
3. A great Women’s World Cup
Best thing in 2010: Taking time out of crazy day to day life and spending quality time with family and friends.
New Year’s resolution: Get healthier and attempt to cross off bucket list items.

Martin Sjögren – LdB FC Malmö Coach
1. Warm pair of boots (the weather is freezing in Sweden at the moment)
2. Woolley hat
3. Warmer weather
Best thing in 2010: We won the Swedish Championship in great style which was fantastic.
Wish for in 2011: Wish for the club to be successful in the UEFA Champions League.

We want to hear from you! What’s on your wish list and what is your New Year’s resolution or wish for 2011? Comment below.